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Jonathan Gale

Entrepreneur in Residence (SaaS)


  • Back in the early 90s – after Black Wednesday put my family between a rock and a hard place – I enrolled in a program that trained students to sell aerial pictures of people’s villages. Some of the doctrines they taught us back then stay with me today, like “control what you can and don’t worry about what you can’t”. I learned to handle rejection, to keep trying in order to succeed. It’s helpful to get you back on track if you lose a deal or don't get the funding you need.
  • Of my 30 years’ experience in the SaaS technology industry, 20 have been focused on Customer Experience and Contact Centre. I started out at Mercury Communications, then ran Global Sales and Product Management at MessageLabs, with similar roles at Symantec Cloud Services and Mimecast. As CEO, I led NewVoiceMedia from start-up to successful exit before joining Sabio in late 2019 to develop the strategy and lead the business during its next phase of growth.
  • I’ve spent my career going into businesses with potential that were heading off track and sending them on the right path by rebuilding the sales team and strategy or engaging customers and staff on a turnaround plan. I’m hands-on and get involved in product ideas, strategies, propositions and marketing messages.
  • It can be a hard graft for a CEO and my role as an Entrepreneur in Residence is all about giving leaders a sense of perspective on their leadership. I help them to avoid the mistakes that many others have made – to have a sense of pattern recognition – giving suggestions but always letting the CEO choose their own path.
  • In venture, it isn’t always a seamless transition from Series A to Series B. There is a clear funding gap and there are many great companies with great ideas who struggle to get the next level of funding. Volution supports these businesses to get their growth story back on course. It excites me to get under the hood, see a really good engine and help figure out what needs tweaking, to help the CEO to get the business to the next level, ready for Series B and beyond.