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At the heart of our business is our Growth Model and commitment to ESG. A set of three simple principles that define the way that we look to support our portfolio companies.


Bringing entrepreneurs together

We are building a community of entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs. A community where expertise and best practice can be shared, where experienced entrepreneurs can mentor those at an earlier stage of their journey, and where founders can come together to work through real issues and find effective solutions.

  • Curated events
  • Portfolio synergies
  • Mentoring


Supporting the entrepreneur's journey

We are here to support the entrepreneurs that we invest in to achieve their greatest ambitions - to reach their next round, and beyond. We will roll up our sleeves to ensure founders have what they need to succeed, whether that is leadership support, fundraising expertise and introductions, or go-to-market strategies.

  • Experienced, active team
  • Entrepreneurs in Residence
  • Partnerships


Laying strong ESG foundations

We believe we are backing some of the great companies of tomorrow. For any company to be great today - or tomorrow, it must be built on strong foundations, with solid environmental, social and governance best practice in place. A robust, ambitious, and achievable ESG strategy is essential for any business in the 21st Century.

  • ESG framework
  • Best practice
  • Incentives

One of the greatest strengths of a VC fund is its ability to connect like-minded founders and companies, helping them to benefit from a network effect of insight and common experience.


We have designed our fund to incentivise and encourage exactly this kind of behaviour, including putting our own profits behind it, in the form of a ‘carbon carry’ scheme.


Collaborative carry




Carbon carry

Our Growth Model brings our community of entrepreneurs into the fund to keep us aligned on a common purpose: to grow and succeed together – without costing the earth.

With Volution’s Growth Model, we will build community, build together and build better.

You can read more about Carbon Carry on our ESG page and on our blog