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4 November 2022

Signal AI launch their 500 Global Reputation Ranking

Ranking 500 of the world’s largest companies, spanning more than 40 industries

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Signal AI has launched a new global reputation ranking of 500 of the world’s largest companies, across 40+ industries.

The list draws on big data and AI to benchmark a company’s reputation on hundreds of topics and are ranked using the following matrix:

1. Overall reputation score (out of 100) of corporations for the past 12 months, as of Q3 2022.

2. The importance of Innovation, Purpose and Performance in their narrative.

3. Scores on key themes within their narrative, like “Technology”, “CSR” or “Governance”.

The list is global, objective, and wide-reaching. including news coverage in 150 languages and running on a reputation framework and scoring algorithm that digests two billion data points annually.

The list, powered by Signal AI x Kelp, Signal AI’s new corporate reputation offering. You can find the list and dive into the analysis on the Signal AI website: