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8 August 2022

Welcoming Alice Tealdi, Investment Analyst

Alice joins the Volution investment team having recently completed an internship

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We’re delighted to welcome Alice Tealdi to the team as our Investment Analyst.

Alice will be responsible for supporting the Volution team throughout the investment process, with a particular focus on origination, due diligence and deal execution.

Here, we get to know Alice, why she is so passionate about working in Venture Capital and what she’s most excited about in her new role.

Why were you drawn to work in VC?

“While working in public markets I became curious to understand more about early-stage companies. I moved into Venture Debt, where learned a lot about private markets – but it was the strong partnership model that I saw between investors and founders that drew me to VC. I love the idea of finding great companies, investing in them, and helping them to reach their greatest potential.”

What do you enjoy most about working for Volution?

“The team and the flexibility! At Volution we are a small team filled with lovely people, and I am made to feel like an integral part of the team. When you are working with people you get along with, doing a job you are passionate about you know you are in the right place!”

What excites you most about your new role?

“I am most excited about meeting founders and other investors. It is so energising to meet passionate innovators and hear new ideas – and it’s great to meet other members of the investment community all driven to work together to support and grow ground-breaking new businesses.”

How do you spend your time when you’re not at work?

“It depends! I am very sociable, and I enjoy being with people - whether old friends or new - visiting exhibitions or spending time in the park. I believe sport is important for mental and physical wellbeing and so I go jogging and bouldering as often as possible. I love to get lost wondering through a city.”