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12 November 2021

Habito CEO invited to speak at COP26

Volution portfolio company Habito’s CEO Daniel Hegarty speaks at COP26

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Habito, a certified B Corp UK, was part of the Go B-ig Breakfast at the global event in Glasgow. Daniel spoke about Habito’s B Corp journey and what that has meant for his business. He invited fellow attendees, and the financial sector as a whole, to make a commitment to awareness, action and affordability in the face of the climate crisis by:

i) Raising public awareness about the huge and lasting impact that investments, borrowings and our homes have on the environment.

ii) Helping people take action through practical, jargon-free advice to help them better understand the impact of their financial decision making. Making information transparent, switching easy and investing in the right products at the heart of their businesses.

iii) Making being impact-aware affordable for everyone. There should be no significant premium or penalty for saving the planet and it should not be the preserve of the rich or the super-fans.

Daniel explained, “For Habito this means raising awareness around the importance of EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) ratings. Helping people take action to improve their home’s EPC rating in a meaningful way and making it affordable to improve a home’s EPC rating to be more environmentally-friendly”.

Read more about Habito’s COP26 commitments here.