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24 February 2022

Volution featured on Notwics podcast

Notwics is a leading Investor Relations consultancy focussed on the Pre-Seed to Series A funding space

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James Codling and Jonny Laughton of Volution have featured on the popular Notwics FUNDstars and FOUNDstars podcast. They discussed VC and Volution with Notwics’ Christopher Lowe and Anthony Lyall.

Through their podcast, Christopher and Anthony interview ‘the very best VCs and some of the biggest UK Technology Scale-Up success stories, as well as other super-smart leaders in the ecosystem’. Their interview style is relaxed and friendly and they aim to discover stories, tips and tricks from the VC world to share with their followers.

Listen to the 30 minute interview to hear James and Jonny share their insights on the Series A - Series B market, talk about some of their recent investments and more.