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30 MARCH 2023

WeGift becomes Runa

Runa set to help transform the way people use, exchange and create digital value

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Volution portfolio company WeGift, the leading digital brand incentive platform, has changed its name to Runa and launched as a digital value infrastructure enabling individuals and businesses to pay and get paid by anyone, anywhere, instantly. The name and identity of WeGift, founded in 2016, no longer encompassed the range of products and services the business provides. Runa goes beyond gift cards offering a greater range of reward, incentive and payout types with enhanced capabilities.

Runa builds on the foundations of WeGift to deliver new products and features, a larger and more diverse network and new opportunities for customers and partners. New infrastructure will allow the exchange of any digital value with global scale, instant action and unprecedented flexibility.  

“Today, it would be unimaginable for any business not to accept credit card payments,” said Aron Alexander, CEO and Founder of Runa. “Soon, it will be just as unimaginable for the same business not to issue or accept any form of digital value. With Runa’s infrastructure in place, there is no need for one of these payment methods to be more complex than the other. I am excited to witness the impact Runa will have as a means of transforming the way people use, exchange and create digital value.”

“Legacy payment systems are struggling to keep pace with the rapid digitization of the economy and lack the necessary flexibility to transfer diverse assets outside of traditional card networks,” continued Alexander. “By pioneering a first-of-its-kind payment rail, Runa will make it significantly easier to unlock all forms of digital value, making them accessible across a wide range of merchant networks.”

Jonny Laughton, Partner at Volution said: “Runa’s new branding reflects its bold vision. The digital currency and digital payment markets are expected to become a multi-trillion-dollar industry within the next decade and Runa is well placed to take advantage of this.”