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Nina Foote

Partner & Head of Growth


  • I had worked at a French software company, an image archive, a wine business and briefly at a City Headhunting firm, but I first saw how dramatically technology can change a business while working at Christie’s. When I started at the auction house in 2007, the inventory system was DOS-based. Databases consisted of catalogue cut-outs in drawers. Thirteen years later, we were fully digital, rolling out in-house apps and on the cusp of selling NFTs and accepting crypto payments.
  • It wasn’t an easy ride. I witnessed the challenges of rolling out new technologies: issues with legacy systems, the acquisition and integration of a tech start-up, and how crucial it was to win hearts and minds for a change initiative to succeed. I also saw the impact of technology on our ability to grow, work more effectively and win consignments.. 
  • At Volution, we partner with founders who are driven to affect change through building and growing transformative technology businesses. My experience has taught me that having a great product or initiative is not enough: grafting hard, building trust, selling the story and offering a seamless experience are all crucial to driving and embedding change while delivering growth. Having the right support network in place is also essential. That’s why the collaborative Growth model at Volution is designed to leverage our networks and experience - as well as the skills of our Entrepreneurs in Residence - to give our Founders and CEOs the tools they need on their fundraising journey.  
  • I’m inspired by the incredible businesses that we invest in and the vision, drive and focus of the founders and CEOs building companies that drive innovation and create jobs, often improving the way that people work and live. With Volution, we wanted to ensure that our fund would promote positive, sustainable, and inclusive economic growth. This is why we put ESG at the centre of our Growth model and developed a Carbon Carry structure that both allocates a share of our profits towards carbon-offsetting initiatives and rewards the management teams who take action to drive the ESG agenda in their companies.
  • At Volution, we’re not just able to punch above our weight as investors. We’re a flexible team with a range of skills and experience that make us supportive, strategic and solution-driven with our founders.