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Sarah Hanafy

Entrepreneur in Residence (Marketing & Comms)


  • I started my career over 20 years ago in a very different place, working in politics, running election campaigns for MPs. One thing I learned in those early days is you have to be a jack-of-all-trades and a real self-starter to be successful in politics. As I progressed into Government and acting as communications counsel to cabinet ministers, I took that lesson with me, and soon developed a skill for looking at the big picture and how important it is to visualize the end-goal strategy and work backwards to reach to your goal.
  • That high/low combination of being able to think big, but still get your hands dirty and be able to execute, has been so valuable. It's a critical outlook to have in communications and marketing and I've taken this way of thinking onwards throughout my career.  After working in financial services for global banks heading up their marketing and communications teams and advising CEOs on communication strategies, I really wanted to bring my entrepreneurial passions to the forefront and joined what was then a fintech start-up, Currencycloud.
  • It was a small company looking to make moving money across borders easier, and with only a 4-person marketing team they were in need of vision and an engine. In the space of 4 years, I scaled the department to a high-performing marketing team of 50 that was responsible for the brand and demand generation that helped the company ultimately become acquired by Visa.
  • I'm looking forward to being able to help entrepreneurs who are scaling up their business benefit from my experience, and to share all the lessons I've learned along the way. I have a wealth of knowledge across product marketing, demand generation, PR, and communications. I know many start-ups might not be at the stage yet to have that senior marketing & communications expertise in-house, and being able to contribute to their strategy and help them grow is going to be such a great journey. Volution really stands out by being committed to helping companies at this critical point in their growth and I'm so excited to be part of the team that will make this a reality.